Real Estate Marketplace

Real Estate Marketplace:

First and foremost, we’re recognized here in the local community as an honest and ethical mortgage company. We’ve been in the business for years and focus a lot of our marketing efforts on driving homebuyers to our website.

Many of our clients come to our website in search of Real Estate Agents, Real Estate services, and homes for sale here in our local market and throughout the state.

We can create, and dedicate an entire page of our website to each one of your listings.

The NAR says that over 85% of homebuyers search the web for homes first. To better service our clients, we’ve added a “Real Estate Marketplace” to our website that allows us to promote homes for sale

We can feature up to 10 photos of each listing, the description and general location, a list of upgrades, amenities and a set of tools built-in to help capture information from any and all serious prospects.

Our built-in tools allow consumers to print full-color flyers, email listings to friends, schedule showings, request more photos, prequalify for homes, and even ask questions specifically about each featured listing.

We have had tremendous success in helping our Preferred Realtors sell homes by connecting them up with homebuyers that we find for them through our different marketing efforts.

Everything listed above is included in our FREE Realtor Success Marketing Package.

Here’s all we need from you to make it happen…

✓      Full Name and Title

✓      Your Picture or Logo

✓      Your Company Name

✓      Your Email Address

✓      Your Website Address

✓      Referral to New Homebuyers That You’re Working with

✓      Introduction to ALL Home Sellers That We Are Co-Marketing

✓      Placement as a Preferred Mortgage Provider on Your Website

To get started, simply click the link below:

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